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Thread: Opening scene text graphics/credits?

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    Default Opening scene text graphics/credits?

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum, and I have to admit, new to Video editing forums in general. For some reason I have always tried to struggle alone with my VE problems. Anyway, lets hope you can help!

    This isn't a problem as such, just some advice i'm after. I have a few projects coming up, which are quite a lot different to what I am used to doing, and they have specific requirements for the beginning and end of the videos. I.E. they would like a "TV show style" introduction to the video, with very high end animated logos, ending credits, and also live broadcast style graphic overlays(like the news tickers, and scorecards you get on sports shows). Anyone got any advice as to what sort of software we should invest in that specifically does this? and also maybe if you know of some sort of tutorial sites for the software you recommend that would be great too! But not essential
    Thanks in advance!

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    The usual tool is after effects. I have just got this program on trail but am yet to get my teeth into it, and it appears to need a full set !

    Most decent editors well used can create the effects you want, but adding graphics takes much work. Actually it is one of the bits of editing that I enjoy the most.

    The link is to a spoof news ident I did in vegas 6. It uses loads of tracks and effects and took me 3 days work I think. I am no editing expert but it shows what can be done.

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    over at teh creative cow they have a series of After Effects tutorials on building a news opening that you might be interested in haveing a look at. They might help and or give ideas.

    Start with

    But generally, if you want 'motion graphics' then look to afetr effects. If you want a simple news ticker with some graphics then this is fairly easily achievable in Premiere using the titles and some motion controls.

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