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    Say there is a clip that I want to show revered... like a skier falling. I want to show him falling in reverse. Like starting with him ont he ground and going back up in the air to the take off etc. How do I do this? I am using Vegas 5.) if that helps.

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    Split the clip so it is on it's own from the rest of the video footage. Then right click and select create subclip. Then right click again and select reverse. Not sure if it's the most efficient way, but it works.

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    Or "right click" select "add velocity envelope", on the green line that appears right click where you want it to reverse and click "add point" add a second point and drag the second point down so it reads -100 when it reverses just follow the same steps toget your clip going forward again.

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    I think the first way is most st forward.

    Velocity envalopes are much more flexible but it does my head in sometimes cos the contents of the clip will alter as the velocity of the envalope is changed, this is to be expected but can blow your mind a bit.

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    Thanks for the help guys!

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    I agree with Mark. Although, I prefer envolopes. Just remember if you want the entire clip to reverse at 1x speed, make the clip twice as long if using envolope. If you go slow mo, then you'll need to expand more the clip to fit...trial & error for me.

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