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Thread: win DV - a miracle cure!

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    Default win DV - a miracle cure!

    Don't know if win DV has been mentioned on this forum before but as you may have seen from my previous posts I have had a dreadful time attempting to save back to dv tape.

    but on saturday night after scouring the net for people who had similiar problems to me , I discovered a miracle cure......WinDV.

    It is a very small freeware program that has cured all my glitches, something to do with more memory buffering for capturing and saving back to tape.

    I can definately recommend Win DV if you are having any audio dropout or any glitches. It has worked for me and I will be sending a donation to the creator who has made me a happy man after 18 months of frustration.

    hope this information avoids someone going through what I have for the last 18 months!!!

    post a message if its worked for you too


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    TMT- any hints on where to find it? are you saving from Avid?

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    Used it all the time when editing with premiere pro. You lose the scene detect options but at least you don't get unknown hardware errors, and if you tick the box you get device control too.


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