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    can anyone advise me how big a hard disk and how much RAM do I need for video editing.
    Many thanks
    Anthony Page

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    I think some people will tell you that this is the wrong section to post in, however I will tell you that to do video editing, you require at least 1GB of ram to do anything properly, though I am currently getting away with 512mb on my laptop. As well as the most disk space you can afford. 250GB should be plenty, and make sure it is a SATA drive if possible. hope this helps.

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    I've got 256MB of Ram and I can do anything I want to .

    it just takes a bit longer, and I can't do too many other things at the same time.

    But the more RAM and space the better obviously. I've got 210GB total space and it's adequate.
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    The longer the vid the more space needed. I started editing with only a 80 gig drive. Now I have 6 drives and 900 gig.

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    As for disk space. Typically the more the merrier tbh. But bear these stats in mind when you plan your purchasing.

    Much much better to have a dedicated HDD for video footage and editing. Keep your OS on a seperate physical drive.

    Typically SD footage will take up somewher ebetween 12 and 13 Gb for each hour of footage captured. Allow the same amount fo space again for intermediate files and final outputs and you get some idea of how much you will need per project.

    HDV captures run at typically 4x the amount so allow for about 45Gb per hour of footage captured.

    The debate still rages re external drives. Although tests and anecdotal evidence shows a good external firewire drive has as good performance as the equivalent internal drive the makers of the s/w I use simply do not (at last count) support either networked or external drives at all so be cautious of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W
    The longer the vid the more space needed. I started editing with only a 80 gig drive. Now I have 6 drives and 900 gig.
    With your volume of output, Mark, you must exercise iron self-discipline with the file management!

    I use 80Gb and 160Gb onboard drives, the 80 for systems and the 160 for work inhand, news and features; a 250Gb external for loaded but unedited original footage, a 250Gb for finished items as full-res avis, and a 160Gb for 2005 avis. The last two give me my library for local news, which I use quite often. What with the famous "The Lost Sock", I could do with more space soon!
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