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Thread: Trouble inserting title on video

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    Default Trouble inserting title on video

    Can someone help me! I'm trying to insert my web address on the full video but can't seem to be able to see it on the screen of my vidoe camera. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance.


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    A little more detail would make it alot easier for people to help you.

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    In vegas add another video track above your film and then use the insert text on the insert menu at the top of the screen.

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    I think orchid was trying to put the stamp on the entire film... in his camera... which is probably easier doing a video editing software...

    But I too am having trouble with the same problem...

    albeit I am using Vegas 6 and did the two video layers thing - but my text layer only shows up at the expense of my video layer. Hence, they don't show up together - like they should at 100%... they just fade in and out together - which doesn't look good for what i'm doing. I mean it be something if my Text layer didn't have a black or (whatever) color background and was transpearant... I really hope I don't need to buy a $350 plug-in.

    IT DOES however show up if I bring the level of the video layer down to say 70%- and keep the "Text" level at 100%. But surely thats not the correct way....

    coud it be i have a setting set wrong... I'm have tempted to upload my footage... to a website... to clarify further. Thanks in advance.

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    In the Media tab there is text that has chequered squares, that is the see though background text, OR if you have the text box open on the second tab on the top, there s an option to select the amount background colour you want to see. This is possible with all text items.

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    Thanks Cheema. Luckily my "mistake" was having the text layer below the video layer. When sending my text layer to (say layer 1) and video to layer 3. Vioala! it worked.

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