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    Hi Everyone

    I really wasn't sure where I should put this thread but here seems to be the most obvious

    We are in the process of organising the Sound, Lighting & Visuals for a fairly large combined schools event coming up in a few months. One of the things we would like to look at doing is running a couple DV Cameras and then mixing them live onto either Plasmas or Projectors thruout the event.

    Does anyone here have any experience in doing this? Or can point out software packages / hardware that are capable of this? We are ideally looking for a software based solution.

    It really just needs to be able to fade / mix a couple streams and be able to insert text / logos over the top. Would also like to be able to queue up pre recorded clips.

    I have never dealt with live video (With exception to streaming it in from a capture card and back out to the web) so have no idea where to begin...

    Really look forward to your solutions


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    You might find what you want at MarkerTek.

    Post Edit - Sorry, the link wasn't working to a digital video mixer, so I removed it.
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    You'll need hardware to do what you are looking for in the form of a vision mixer. This piece of equipment will allow you to feed the cameras into one control point, you'll need a monitor for each camera, a preview monitor and an output monitor. Vision mixers have all the effects you would ever want built into them, wipes, fades, dissolves and they also have blue screen capabilites.

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    i do this quite often, and i use a panasonic switchboard, panasonic titler, and 5 or 6 sony monitors. We have my highschool totally ran with BNC connections, the switcher can be rented for some 200 bucks a day (cheap when you consider the setup above cost us around $15,000) and what we do is broadcast it throughout the school. We also record using a mini-dv camera, and edit with avid after, burn to dvd, and sell it!
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