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Thread: What is a D-Sub connection?

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    Default What is a D-Sub connection?

    I bought a new LG 1917-S TFT monitor today. It had two card connection cables with it. One was a traditional VGA type and the other was a weird shaped thing.

    I read the instructions and it was called a D-Sub cable. There was no other explanation so I connected them both. The monitor woks fine but here is my question...........What is a D-Sub connection and what advantages does it bring? How should I use it?


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    Default D-Sub

    Apart from discovering that a D-Sub could be a long sandwich from a well known chain of filled baguette sellers!!!!!, I have unplugged the blue lead and discovered that the D-Sub connection is a digital connection.

    What it brings me from here on in is a guess.

    I am still waiting for one of you experts to tell me exactly what the gains are over the traditional analogue connection. I am interested!

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    I dunno ! Try a PC nerds forum maybe ? Or google?

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    I had always thought that d-sub is another name for the VGA analog connector. The 'other' connector on your screen is likely to be a digital DVI connector. The digital connection scheme is supposed to be better because there is less chance of the signal being corrupted in some way, causing image quality/colour to be less good. In theory, a digital connection means you always get a perfect image. That said, many can't tell the difference - there's very little wrong with the typical analog connection. Oh, and the other thing is - your PC generates a digital image which then has to be converted to analog for display: in theory, the conversion - as with any signal conversion - creates the possibility of some signal quality loss.
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