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Thread: Avid Liquid 7.0 VS. Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

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    Default Avid Liquid 7.0 VS. Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

    Has anybody used these two programs? Im currently using Pinnacle Studio 9.0, but its not quite cutting it anymore with certain effects i want to use in my editing. I need to upgrade to a professional product and am looking to buy one or the other, Liquid 7.0 or Premiere Pro 2.0, and would love opinions and feedback on the products (what you like , what you hate) if you've used them.


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    Never used Avid so I cant comment on that.

    Just started using Premiere Pro 2 though. Im very impressed with it. Have you used previous versions of Premiere?

    Without doubt, changing from Pinnacle to Premiere will be a fairly steep learning curve for you, but if you're not scared of learning then, as far as Premiere Pro 2.0 is concerned, Im sure you wouldn't be disappointed. Once you grasp the principles then you can suss a lot of it out for yourself. And remember, there are lots of online tutorials out there to get you going. Most tutorials for PP1.5 will apply to PP2 also.

    You will find PP2 is far more powerful than Pinnacle. It has a brilliant multicam feature too, enabling you to view mulitple camera angles, and edit between them very quickly and easily. The new browser feature is very good too. I'd certainly recommend PP2, especially if you use other Adobe products, like Photoshop or After Effects, as they are very compatible indeed.
    Good Luck!

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    thank you very much!

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