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    this is just a little something I knocked up this afternoon in a couple of hours. The quality is greatly reduced as it has been compressed from 500mb of DV file to a 7mb quicktime file.

    anyway, I know it's not brilliant, just wondered if you found it entertaining. I cobbled it together from some footage we shot on the crappest, cheapest mini DV camera off ebay (27) in the cold, as I didn't want to take my nice gear out on the course!

    most of the camera work is crap, because we just did a bit of a point and shoot thing.

    anyway, enjoy

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    having just watched that back on putfile. it was awful. the compression has completely mucked it up. I apologise.

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    You need to apply a deinterlace filter.

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    what does the deinterlace filter do?

    I have the original premier timeline, as well as the uncompressed DV file movie, and they look ace, it's just the godawful compression that has ruined it it seems.

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    When exporting in Premier, in the video options I think, if not try a different tab, select the 'De-interlace video footage' check box, and that should solve the interlace flicker problem.

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    or highlight the clip, go into clips, into video options, and set it to always deinterlace, then render the clip *i think...*

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    ok cool, and this will mean I can compress it down does it?

    that'd be brilliant if I could!

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    de-interlacing will take away all the horizontal lines you can see on any moving object in the video.

    It was OK, If I was doing it I might shorten it a bit, try and edit to the music, put some markers on the beats and try and time the swings to them, I'd lose most of the background audio aswell, just leave in the funny bits,

    a good tip with swearing is, bleep it, but put in more bleeps than is necessary, that way you don't offend anyone too badly, and you get more of a laugh out of it than just the swearing.

    e.g. "he's Bleeping Bleeped that miles..... Bleeeep"

    The titles could be a lot better with no more effort too. A nice PGA style lower third with names would be cool, also rip some sound-effects and commentary from Tiger Woods golf to finish the effect.

    Also, I'd add some slow-mo too, and some other naff effects probably.

    That's just what comes to mind after 1 watch.
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    wow, I'm glad you managed to stick through it and watch till the end. as I say it was knocked up in a couple of hours while I kind of re-learnt to use premier 6.0 in a basic way. I may well tweak and play with it as a little project.

    good idea with the tiger woods etc, might well give that a go!

    cheers for your input.

    I showed the video to the guys involved last night, and it went down a storm, but that's probably more coz they were in in than the actual editing techniques.

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    27 quid for a real dv cam, good one.

    As far as it goes and recognising the points you made above I would say it is okay. Personally I think the camera guy talking should be used carefully as you will always sound like a god compared to others in the vid, y'know, that booming loud voice.

    People DO really play golf then !?

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