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    hi I just recently purchased a dvd burner and for a test run i put sum clips together on sonic dvd then burned it but when i went to play it on my dvd player it was skipping and blurring up and all dodgy the dvd player is brand new so it should be able to play burned dvds ?? please help

    Cheers ben704

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    I'm not at all familiar with Sonic DVD so use of that s/w I can't comment on. I'll have to assume you've done the right thing with it.

    A couple of thoughts though...

    1) Check with the manufaturer's web site of the DVD burner you have to make sure that the particular blank media you are using is compatible. Sadly, we're not at the stage right now where all blank DVD-R's (if that's what you're using) are 100% compatible with all DVD-R burners.

    2) Also, And to be honest I'm not sure how much of an urban myth this is as I've nto really seen any quantifyable proof. Make sure you have (what I call) a clean burn. I ALWAYS make sure that my PC is not busy with anything else when burning a DVD. I turn off all background processes I don't need. Even anti virus (make sure you disconnect from Internet before turnign it off though!). I dont want the PC waking up half way through the burn and thinking of anything else. Since adopting this approach I have yet to produce any coffee mats as i used to be prone to do when ripping, er I mean backin up, DVD movies.

    Of course it is possible, no matter if it is new, that it is your player that is incompatible. Try playing the disk in a software DVD player on your PC.

    I've found it good practise to make a test burn of any new project on a DVD-RW first to save you 'real' DVD media, for when you know 'it works'.

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