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Thread: Connecting Sony DCR-TRV530 to Windows XP based system

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    Default Connecting Sony DCR-TRV530 to Windows XP based system

    I am having a problem connecting my camcorder to my computer. The computer sees device and then the device disappears. I am connecting using the iLink to firewire port. The camcorder displays DVin in the viewer so it is seeing the computer. Is there a solution to this problem?

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    Did you install any driver software that came with the camera? I can't remember what Sony is packing with their camcorders now. When you say it disappears what exactly do you mean by that, where does it disappear from? Try and change that DVin to DVout in one of the menu settings to see if that makes a difference. Are you using a desktop computer or laptop? If it is a laptop is it a Sony laptop?

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    Same problem I have but my computer doesnt recognise it, the camera says DVin on it though.

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    Hi all,

    my camera Sony DCR TRV 530 says also DV IN on the screen but is still not recognized by Windows Movie Maker. I have set the

    A/V to DV OUT in the menu to ON

    And still getting error by Windows Movie Maker.

    Has anyone solved this? Should the camera say DV IN ?

    The funny thing is that this is the second time i am trying to capture with WMM and the first time after playing around I got it to work and it recognized my Sony DCR TRV 530. Now is the second time and i am ketching my tail for this to work as i have some important stuff to edit. (I can't remember if it had DV IN on the screen the first time when it worked)

    I even reset my Sony DCR TRV 530 hoping that would work but still not being recognized.

    if anyone got any suggestions or ideas i am desperate

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi all,

    I have solved the problem.

    I am getting Windows Movie Maker to capture from my SONY DCR TRV 530 now.

    Here's what i did:

    I also own a Yamaha Motif XS and it connects to my PC using the mlan manager. This is just a Yamaha driver which recognizes the Firewire 400 as a connection to the Motif XS so you could use the Motif editor, connect Midi and basically operate your motif from the PC.

    I disabled the Yamaha mlan manager(shut it down) then tried to capture from the WMM and it worked.

    Also DV IN on your camera screen means that your IEEE 1394 or ilink cable is connected properly.

    So my guess is that if WMM is not capturing and only saying error, BUT YOU ARE STILL SEEING DV IN ON YOUR CAMERA SCREEN ,then there must be some other program shielding WMM from recognizing your SONY DCR TRV 530 . In my case the Yamaha mlan manager.

    Make Sure that in the menu settings , under video A/V to DV OUT is ON

    This is how i fixed my problem. Now on to the editing ....

    Good luck !!

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