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    My JVC digital camera chewed our latest (nearly full) tape yesterday when playing back through the TV. Probabaly about 3 inches of chewed tape…

    I have seen a couple of places on the internet who repair DV tapes -

    One costs £25 (repair done, plus copied to DVD - just in case it happens again)

    Other = £20 - repair only.

    Is this the going rate?

    My main worry is why this happened - I dont want to ruin any more valuable tapes - so far not copied to DVD or VHS!!!

    Is this common, or is it likely to be a new fault with the camera?
    I am going to play around a bit at the weekend with a blank tape - play, fast forward, rewind, pause etc to see if it happens again....

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    If the camera is under garuntee then take it back. I suppoe the odd tape chew pay happen on old cameras but I am yet to have one in 4 years and all my cameras are very well used.

    I had a rewind prob one, that was the tapes fault. I suggest not using tape same tape over and over, certainly not more than 10 times, although thus us just a personal rule.

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    The camera is c4 years old so out of guarantee.
    The tape has been recorder over only once.

    I'll try out a blank tape this evening.

    Thanks for the advice

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    Haha, just got a tape chew ! After swapping tape brands actually, I hear this can happen.

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