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Thread: New Teaser video i made

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    Default New Teaser video i made

    No after affects, just made with premier 6.5

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    Looks pretty good, I like the intro with the static shots. Two things that I think could improve it are, 1. Shorten it, maybe by 30 seconds are so, because I found I started losing interest at around the 2 minute mark. I'm not saying cut it to 2 minutes, but maybe remove some of the less interesting shots, keeping it all good. And 2., doing some colour correction. I think if the colours of the shots were brightened, maybe increasing the saturation, the video would come out as happy and professional looking. Just my opinion. From the editing perspective its good work, but I think those couple things would make it that much better. Keep up the good work.


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    I agree with Taxman. Very repetitive. I don't really think it is necessary to show a gauge twice just for an example. ZzzZzZ. I was kind of ticked that you didn't show the actual crash. And the titles at the start were so horrible I did in fact puke. Shorten and fix titles then it shall be good.

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