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    I am unable to use the "capture video" with my pinnacle studio7. As soon as I plug in my panasonic digital video camera ready to play the whole screen freezes. I am at a loss to know what to do. my operating system is ms millenium. :cry: has anyone any ideas or shall i look for another software programme? Sheila

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    Hmmm... like other companies I know, Pinnacle, in their rush to dominate the market with the product, can have some odd habits and doesn`t always match everyone`s specs, P7 (and presumably other variants) does behave oddly at times, like wanting the camera connected, switched on & ready to play before you even bring up the software. Once or twice it`s caught me out when I`ve inadvertently forgotten the sequence it likes to see, found it ignored the camera, froze my screen, disconnected the external HD, disabled my Firewire card & eventually locked the PC requiring a reboot!
    Have you made sure everything`s ready to go before bringing up P7?

    Maybe by now you`ve cracked it?
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    thanks for suggestion,iwill try againas soon as I have time.I will keep you informed of any results!


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