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    Default Sony Vegas 6

    Hi Guys & Gals

    I have just ordered Sony Vegas 6 after reading the great reviews given by the people on this site.

    Any advice, suggestions and inspiration?

    I am really looking forward to working with it.

    Are their any problems/issues with it I should know about?

    Also I have heard there are a couple of things I need to download before using it, what are they?


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    Here is my hint. When key frameing track motion set the smoothness to zero or the movement paths go all kinky. Thanks to irish mark for that one.


    Hold control when you pull the start /end of a clip and it rubber bands it, very usefull for getting clips to fit just right.

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    Default Cheers

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for that. Am quite looking forward to getting my teeth in to it this weekend!

    Incidentally I read the following article which advises that must download Net 1.1 update and DirectX9. Does this sound right?



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    .net 1.1 is required for vegas, and if you have that then the 1.1 update is advisable. If you have a copy of win xp sp2 then both are on the CD.

    I am unsure what would happen if you loaded .net ver 2, when I did this during the beta stage some apps wouldn't work as they were looking for 1.1.

    Now that ver 2 is official, microsoft have probably made it backwards compatible.

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    biggest tip is this, just play around, and learn. As you unlock basic things and effects, quickly you'll understand the advanced effects/things as they are just basic principles put together.
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