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Thread: VIDEO in Video and Firework/Special Effects?

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    Default VIDEO in Video and Firework/Special Effects?

    Right I have a football clip compilation that I need to edit out.
    Its based on a soccer clip. I need to edit the beginning where I am standing and as I turn around soem kind of fireworks effects or some other good effects can be shown while and once I have turned around.

    Secondly in the clip I want to add commentry while the video is playing. The commentry shows me commentating but in a smaller screen ontop of the playing background video.

    Is this possible and what sofwtare do I need for both the above?
    Thanx fo rthe replies in advance.

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    Vegas Video will do this using "picture in picture".

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    as far as the fireworks, find a clip on the net of fireworks against a black sky. Place that on the track above you tutning around and change the composition to multiply for that track. That filters out the black. Track motion & crop will do the picture in picture.

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