I've been trying to export work done in Flash as video(uncompressed frames).
When I try it with a small lengthed animation, it works fine,
however when I try exporting a large(long) Flash animation as uncompressed
frames video, the file exports, but is unreadable.

I've also been looking into swf to video converters. I've tried Adshareit
which also seems to have the same problem. It can convert small swfs
into uncompressed avi, but when I try to do it with a longer swf,
the exported avi file is unreadable.

Can anyone tell me what's causing the problem?
When I say large(or long) swf files, the avi files(which are unplayable)
end up being about 3-4gigabytes large (and about 1.5 minutes long).

I'm looking into exporting smaller segments of the flash animation,
then just editing them together as one atm, but if I can find a better way
I'd rather do that.