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Thread: Whats the Best mic for my Cannon XM2

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    Default Whats the Best mic for my Cannon XM2

    I am looking for a mic for my XM2 i was going to get a Sennheiser MKE300D which are a lot of money, until i read a article in What Camcorder that said they pick up zoom noise.
    I nead a mic for filming in sometimes busy public places. If anyone can give me any ideas on which add on mic would be suitable i would appreciate it!

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    Default whats the best mic

    The simple answer is that an on camera mic should be used as a last resort. Can you connect an external mic to your camera preferably by an xlr connector? I dont no how involved you want to get in videography but you may like to use a wireless mic system attached to your camera. sennheiser have a very good range .Remember you get what you pay for.
    Quality doesnt come cheap. You could also record to a mini disc player and add your audio at the editing stage. If you have 950.00 to spare make a reporters kit which comprises of a portadisc minidisc recorder, reporters mic ,protective case etc.

    Good shooting


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    Default XM2 Mic

    Thanks Clive !

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    Some Mp3 players also have a dictaphone feature which my friends and i use when we need a mic

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