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Thread: Why is picture not smooth?

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    Default Why is picture not smooth?

    I have VHS tapes that I would like to convert to digital and store on DVD video discs.

    I've tried the programs "Virtualdub" and "iuVCR" and recorded a few minutes for testing. I use this system:

    P4, 3 gigaHerz
    512 MB ram
    250 gigabyte harddrive
    ATI Radeon 9800 (Theater)
    Capture resolution: 720*576
    Source is PAL

    I've encoded the uncompressed AVI files that I recorded to mpeg2 like I usually do to 9mbit (8.5 sometimes) (I've done this with my miniDV camera as well with perfect result). I've used the program Adobe Premiere to encoded the video.

    But when I look at the video in my stand alone DVD player on the TV the video looks bad when it's moving. For example when someone walks or a car passes by. It is not smoth at all!

    What is wrong? How could I get a better (smooter) picture like the original VHS?

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    How does the uncompressed video look? Same problem? Does it look like frames are being missed or is the quality just bad? Think it might be interlacing?

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    Thanks for your reply!

    When I look at the video on my computer (I have a flat panel) it looks okay. The lcd monitor is pretty much different thatn my regular TV though, and when I look at the video through my standalone DVD player the video looks (I don't know the word, I'm from Sweden) opposite to smooth on moving parts.

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    Does the video look as is there are lines through it?

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    I couldn't find anyway to edit my last post, but I wonder.

    In virtualdub 1.5.10 I can choose between UYVY and YUY2. Which one is better? Should I use 720*576 or am I wrong?

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    Yes, it looks like there are lines on the video (I just recorded some video on the computer and look at it).

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    Cool, then you need to de-interlace. What version of Premiere you using?

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    Why should I de-interlace the video?

    Should I do it before importing to Premiere Pro (version 7.0)?

    What's the opposite to smooth in english? Will de-interlacing solve the problem? I want to use the final product on my stand alone DVD-player with my TV.

    Thank you very much

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    Opposite to smooth = rough

    De-interlacing should fix it. I stand by my usual disclaimer though

    If you're using the Adobe Media Encoder, check the Progressive radio box in the transcode settings. (Or if you don't want to get your hnads dirty, choose a templeate that says progressive in it.)

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    Sorry, maybe I was using wrong word. This is what I mean:

    for example when a car passes by (or another object moves) the car goes like from left to right, left to the right, all the time while it's on the screen. Maybe it's called chappy(???) (choppy)? The object is like shaking from left to right and that's the problem whenever the camera or an object is moving.

    The video isn't watchable cause of this :( It's not like this is in the original VHS tape.

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