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Thread: Overlay audio onto video from different tapes

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    Default Overlay audio onto video from different tapes

    Hi, I quite new to video editing and wondered whether someone could help me with this problem...

    I am using Adobe Premiere Pro version 1.5. I have 2 DV tapes which have both filmed the same footage but from different angles. However, the sound from the one tape is inaudible (camera developed a fault). So how do I go about overlaying the audio from the one tape over the video from the other? The footage involves people speaking so it would need to be exactly in synch.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Hippo,
    If I'm right in thinking you have filmed an interview with two cameras, the answer is to put the complete tape with the good Audio on the timeline, then when you want to go to the other camera, you take the video only for the length you want of the shot and and put that on the video track above the main track, if you switch off the snap to edges it will make it easier to adjust to lipsync, if you leave the audio of the second camera until you have it in sync ( the wave pattern can help you line it up in sync) then delete it.

    Hope this makes sense to you.
    Alan Hodkinson
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    Probably just different words for the same thing but take both your captures and put them on the timeline on different layers.

    Select each in turn, right click and choose the 'unlink audio' option (or however it's actually phrased.

    Once done you can then just delete the video layer of the clip you don't want, leaving just the good audio and then delete the bad audio layer.

    You'll need to sync them of course but you'll end up wiht just the good audio and the good video on your timeline.

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    I was also going to add that you could have visual variety by first laying down the good audio track with its corresponding video and then using the video from the other tape (let's call it the B Roll) and if it is shot from nearer or farther away, a higher or lower angle to give visual variety but as you say you are only starting out in video maybe we'll leave it for another day.

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