I have PowerProducer Gold2.0 installed as part of the Acer Arcade suite. I have edited a TV recording and burned it to DVD. Unfortunately when I am trying to edit wmv files and burn them to DVD, it doesn't work. It either hangs at the start of the burn process or if it does actually start, it goes through the writing to disc process without actually writing anything to the disc. There is no disc activity. At the end (99%) it comes up with the following:


There is a problem with the burning software developing kit (SDK)

It tells me to check the disc, reboot and re-install. I have obviously tried the first two but if it burns mpeg files (TV Recordings) ok, what is the problem with the wmv files. I have checked and powerproducer gold2.0 is compatible with wmv/wma files. It edits the 3 files fine and merges them and goes through the process.

Is there a conflict with the other DVD burn software (NTI CD and DVD Maker 7.0)? I have a copy of Nero Burning ROM from another PC lying around, so maybe will try that.

If this doesn't work, what video editing software would you recommend? I am looking at a v.basic program that is relatively cheap that can burn to DVD.