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Thread: Digital Camera recording mode

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    Default Digital Camera recording mode

    I've using a Canon S1 IS digital camera set at 640 x 480 30 fps to film
    propeller driven 'planes

    The results are good except for the propellers look unreal i.e. turning very slowly

    Is this the case with camcorders , if not what's the difference between the two

    Thanks for any help


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    All motion picture cameras can have this effect on apparent propeller speed. It's caused by the camera frame rate being a near multiple of the prop revolutions per second. At some prop speeds the camera can actually make it look like it's going in reverse.

    Not much can be done about it since we can't change the camera frame rate without introducing extra editing headaches. Increasing the exposure time per frame will make the prop blades blur a bit, maybe enough to hide the slow speed appearance. Or you can ask the plane pilot to change his engine rpms.
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    Crusty's right. The effect you are seeing is called 'Aliasing'. maybe you can slow down the shutter speed slightly toget a blurred image on each frame?

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    Default S1 recording

    Thanks for your comments

    most helpful


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