Hey folks - this is my first post, so hello!

Was recently on a snow holiday with 17 others, and wanting to edit my footage into a video. A few years ago, my old employer had a corporate video made up - and I'd quite like to pinch one of the ideas from it.

The soundtrack made this video - it was just a whole lot of stills put to music. I am desperate to find out what the track was called - but can not remember much about it - but the idea...

It started with kinda mysterious music (and may have been a count down from 10 in a kinda computer / space type voice) then the music went to a fast kinda drum solo when they flashed each employees’ picture up for a slit second (this was very effective put to the music). Thereafter, it went onto a very kinda upbeat track - and had computerised voice through it (may have been something about going on a journey or come on or journey or something like that).

If anyone has any ideas what this track may have been (I have only ever heard it once since in a shop, so it is probably an obscure track from an album) or could suggest some other track I could flash everyone’s picture to very quickly, then could you please give me a shout!

Also - I’m just using windows movie maker. Happy to spend a wee bit of money if anyone could suggest a better programme available in the UK.

Cheers folks!