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    Hello, I'm completely new to the forums and pretty new with digital video in general. I have a question though about taking a consumer grade digital video camera on the beach. Obviously, I'm afraid that sand could get into it and screw everything up (which would be especially bad since the camera is borrowed).

    Has anybody had experience taking a DVC on the beach with them? If so, how did you sandproof it?

    Basically all I'm worried about is using the lense, the record button and the stop button so I was thinking about using painters tape to tape up all cracks in the device and then trying to rig some sort of plastic around it as well, storing it in ziplock bags (or something similar) when not in use.

    Any advice on this would be very helpful and I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong forum. TIA.

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    I use mine at the beach all the time and I don't take any precautions at all, no problems yet... but I'm reckless.

    I know a couple of people who use decent cameras (XL1, VX2000),

    one of them uses an ordinary plastic bag with a hole ripped in it for the eye-piece+lens and elastic band to secure it,

    and one uses a proper-job rain-cover like this:

    I think what you suggest will be fine, they all seem sensible ideas, I don't think it's as big a problem as you'd think, unless it's very windy or you have to get down low.

    it's the salty air and sea-water you want to worry about!
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    Camera - sand - no camera.

    Be REALLY carefull. I know 2 people who have ruined cameras after one windy beach trip. If it can get under your foreskin it will sure get into your camera.....

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