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    Default almost more of a general question

    almost more of a general question than something specific to vegas, however i am using vegas to edit on so i thought id post this here. (might be vegas thats causing this glitch, dont know)

    so what it is this, im running a clip at .250 speed (i.e. slow) and i want to cut to black, with no fade, but often what i get is a glitchy cut, as if one half of the frame drops out first (the clip/film im making is quite contrasty black and white so it stands out alot)

    ive tried moving the out point by a frame forward and back etc etc and i can find a slight improvement but id like to know the theory, is this something to do with the slow speed/and or an interlaced fields issue?, ive tried reducing interlace flicker etc but it still does it.

    im wondering if there is a general theory behind cutting to black with video, or making cuts in general, due to interlacing etc?, ive tried doing alot of google searching but cant find any relevant info, im basically looking to make a clean cut to black with no glitches, without having to do it by trial and error. (im more experienced with sound, i know where to make a cut in the waveform etc, whats the equivalent theory in video editing/and or digital video editing?)

    sorry for this rambling enquiry, any help would be much appreciated

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    If you slow down footage that is interlaced you can get weird effects.

    I suggest always deinterlacing footage befor slowing down. I think that will cure the problem.

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    i`ll try deinterlacing the clips then

    thanks very much for the tip!

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    lol at your site aswell

    "washed up alcoholic"

    "after dinner speaker"

    much better than precious "industry" guff/bumpf.

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    Thanks. Having your own site is fun for sure.

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