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Thread: Producing the same color for 2 camera's (PD170 &DSR-390)

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    Default Producing the same color for 2 camera's (PD170 &DSR-390)


    My father and I own and operate a Videography business in South Florida.

    We use the following cameras:

    Sony DSR-390
    Sony DSR PD170

    However, our main trouble lies in getting both cameras to shoot it the same color.

    How would we go about setting the cameras, to produce the same or similar colors?

    Thank You,
    Warmest Regards,

    *We have two projects this weekend. In turn, quick replies would be very much appreciated.

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    make sure you perform a white balance against the same piece of white card prior to shooting, at the same time so that the lighting conditions are the same.

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    I tweak out those differneces in the edit.

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    In the past had 2 sonys (VX2000 and PDX10), both prosumers and was impossible to match the colours. Agree with Mark that it has to be done in post. If you get 2 cameras the same model problem sorted

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