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Thread: Best Laptop For Sony Vegas

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    Default Best Laptop For Sony Vegas

    I have a budget of 1500 pounds for a laptop
    I am going to be using sony vegas 6
    Please any good suggestions on a fast enough machine (Pentium M or AMD) I am not too sure with laptops.
    Also I am going to be buying Vegas 6 do you know of some discount shops??if there are any.

    Thanks mark

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    Ask the vegas people.

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    Default Laptops for Vegas

    I can understand the appeal of a laptop to edit video but I would question the whole proposal. I have been editing video for a while and own a few types of computer including a decent laptop.

    Apart from the slightly lower performance of a laptop the biggest downside is the screen size and type. In order to produce a video of the highest quality, you need to be able to view detail and there is nothing worse than editing and rendering to find that you spot something that you missed whilst viewing on a slow small laptop screen.

    I am certainly not going against other opinions but to have fun creating video you need an excellent monitor, a fast card, as much RAM as you can squeeze onto the board and a large fast hard drive.

    Hope this hasn't upset you laptop guys but I am not sure that an 'affordable' laptop will cut the mustard.

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    I agree with the above. Editing needs power and big screens. Most decnet laptops will do it but a d top will be the best way for sure.

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    Default Now a bit confused

    Thanks for that information I thought everyone had forgotten my post.
    The thing is...I am going to be editing at work two days a month and the idea was that I could take it home with me when i am not using it there.I am now rethinking the whole idea!
    Before I read the replies I have had two laptops in mind;
    (Acer Aspire 1694WLMi with pentuim M 2GHZ)and
    (Acer Aspire 5622WLMi with Core Duo Pentuim Centrino T2300 2x 1.66GHz)
    Could you please tell me which one is best ?? both costing about the same..

    Now a bit confused


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    Default Laptops for editing

    Take my word for it.........You would have to own an extremely high end laptop to match most reasonable desktop units for speed.

    The issues are as follows;

    1. The screen on a laptop will be too small and slow.
    2. Sony Vegas has a fiddly and complicated user interface and a large (19" plus) screen will enable you to use it better.
    3. For 1500, you will get an extremely capable computer that will process your video's more effectively.
    4. Sound systems are another factor. Film production isn't just about the video aspect. The best productions combine all aspects to excite all senses.

    If you are doing this for work, why don't you suggest to the powers that be that you work from home whilst producing your work. In my experience, I do the best work in one place. Changing locations can cause continuity problems.

    It's like reading a book in your favourite chair. reading it somewhere else isn't quite the same!

    Go for the best desktop you can.

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    Default Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa [i]Desktop[/i] it has to be

    Hey thats nice,thanks Skodster
    I have made my mind up.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Desktop it has to be

    I will tell the boss the news on Monday
    Also found Sony Vegas 6 on the internet today for 270 pounds.(NEW)
    Cant seem to find a better price in the uk.

    Thanks again

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Dual-core
    1GB RAM
    1x250GB SATA
    1x300GB SATA
    256 MB NVIDIA 6600 PCI

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