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    Default Analog Capture Problem

    I just purchased a Canopus ADVC300 video capture box, and was dissapointed to find that the bottom few rows of pixels in my digitized video contain the top of an adjacent video frame. The effect looks much like out of synch analog video. Canopus tech support told me that this is normal because I am capturing 640x480 to 720x480. Is this correct? If so, is there a tool that I can use in either Studio Pro or Premier Elements to crop or mask over the bad pixels? Thanks!

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    If you are resident in the US or another country that uses the NTSC television standard then set it to 720 X 480 but if you are in the UK or any country that uses PAL then set it to 720 X 576, if you can.

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    Default frame size capture problem

    I'm Just about to begin editing a short film and wanted to double check the frame size. I've imported all my footage to 720x576 which is what I normally use but I'd like to send it to some short film festivals and I don't know what the best frame size is for cinema screens. Will I need to import all my footage again with a different frame size or can I resize it effectively with the anormorphic 16:9 feature in fcp? Just not sure what that'll look like if it's projected. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    DigitalDean - if you're going to be watching your edited video on a TV don't worry about it, you probably won't be able to see the extreme edge of the picture anway.

    If it's not for TV or you can see the affected region, Premiere will do that no problem, just use the crop effect to crop the bottom by a few pixels, choosing a suitable colour to replace them with.

    If you want to slide the image down and have the bottom pixels at the top... that's possible too, but probably not worth it.

    Sam - It's probably worth searching the forum for the answer to that question, I think your post will be lost in this thread as it's unrelated to the original subject. If there's no answer from a search, start a new thread.
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