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    I seem to have no problem with short captures or long ones which I edit into a series of shorter bits.

    BUT when making a dvd of capture(s) that were quite long 20min-60min the final dvds were out of sync and seemed to get worse as time went on.

    I've only ever used basic programs... Roxio, Adobe Elements for example but all seem to go out with longer captures.

    Thanks for reading this, hope you can help.

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    What spec of computer do you own? Did you capture using firewire and where the videos digital or analogue? On the out of sync problem, some hard disks 'reassess' their read and write speeds a number of times over say a 20 minute period so the amout of data being captured might drop or you might suffer from dropped frames, did you get any reports of dropped frames while capturing?

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    I'm getting the same problem. I got a decent spec computer,3Mhz, 1gig RAM...there shouldn't be anything wrong with it, but every time I do the slightest bit of editing; cutting it down, the audio always lags behind the visuals. I've tried it without editing (using the same file and format) and it works fine, it's solely when I take a bit out, and if I keep taking bits out, the time difference gets larger. Any quick remedy rather than having to labourisiously go through every scene and seperate it?

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    I'm going to try selecting a different audio compressor. I was originally using MPEG layer 3, maybe another one will work.

    EDIT: Nope, tried a couple of different audio compressors and they lag behind as well. Using Video Edit Magic btw.

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    i got the same probl;em but im downloading movies that i pay for and they are audio delayed its getting ok my veres because im paying for them but they are messed up my computer can hadle them and they are HD(for computers not turely HD) they are about 3G a piece its a lot but they a very good quialty and i burn them to dvds when they arent messed up

    so dose anyone know a free program that will auto fix it


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    If we are talking about analogue capture, what frames per second are you capturing?

    and are your project settings set for editing at the same rate?

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