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    I am using Vegas 6. WHen I edit & finalise my video within vegas & even if I play the rendered file on my PC monitor, the picture colors look very good but when I play the same video on my TV colors look very light. Pls let me know how to achieve professional level colors.

    PC Config:-
    Intel 915GAV Mother Board,
    Intel P IV 3.0 Ghz
    160 GB Seagate Sata
    Geforce PCX 5300

    Nand Kishore

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    By the sounds of it you are probably watching on a standard old Tube TV colours always vary on these tv monitors drastically. - Try it on a few TV's to make sure it's not just that TV.

    I always beef the colours a lil more taking this into account. Computer monitors have a much better quality image than TV's so u gotta compemsate


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