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Thread: Premiere Pro 2 & Xvid

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    Default Premiere Pro 2 & Xvid

    Reading through the forums, it seems to me that xvid and prem pro dont go well together. But for me its not an option. I have around 30 avi files each file 30 mins each. All encoded in xvid.

    Ive tried hundreds of codec combination and tweaking in the hopes it will run smooth but alas, nothing.

    Its either choppy playback, no sound, no picture or the video is faster than the sound. How can i go about sorting this out?

    If i must re-encode all my files how can i do this all at once? And most importantly, what codec do i compress with so it works perfectly in prem pro.


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    xvid does not work in any premieres, You best bet would be to transcode the files to DV, you can download the panasonic dv codec via google, and use virtual dub to do it. theres guilds on the forums, just do a search 3D Animated Menu\'s Transitions, Backgrounds or just about anything 3d all Animated.

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    It's question 10 of the FAQ:

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    Thanks guys!
    Sorry should have looked!

    One final thing, since this is going to take around 30 mins to re-encode and I have 30 of these files, can virtualdub do em all in batch?

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