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Thread: Sony HD camera questions

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    Default Sony HD camera questions

    A.) Is the HDR-HC3 better than the HDR-HC2? (It's more expensive.. yet it doesnt even have a manual foucs ring...)

    B.) Is there a way to attach a photo lense onto one of these cameras? I know about the method with the cd... I want a legit sure fit lens that will fit onto the HC2..

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    What is a phot lens ? You may be able to get tele or wide convertors for tyis camera but not 'real' replacement lenses, it's all built in.

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    i have a dcr-hc30 and i have a telephoto lense, and a wide angle lense, and to attach them they came with rings that screw into the threads surrounding the lense on my camera
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    you have wide-angle, fish and tele converters ... no replacable lenses ...

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