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    Couldn't find the right place to post this.

    I have a bunch of old family videos and such I would like to make 1 1-2 hour home video with bloopers, music, and effects.

    Can anyone help?


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    define help! - What exactly are you looking for?

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    well first of all you need to find a way to get your home movies onto a PC.

    if they are 8MM or VHS etc, you'll need a capture video card, or tv tuner or something that will input a Composite Video cord. (that yellow plug thats usually on the front of a VCR with a red and white one)

    if your movies are on old film reels, you'll probably have to take them to a professional, and either have them do your video, of if you still want to do it yourself, have them put the raw footage on a CD/DVD for you.

    after you have this, you will also need software to capture and edit your video.

    The most basic (and free) way is to use Windows Movie Maker. This comes free with any version of Windows XP. You could go more advanced than this, I'd reccommend Ulead VideoStudio, which is around $80.

    I wouldn't be able to tell you much about using these software programs, but basically, you can bring in your raw footage, cut it however you want, add music, titles...etc and then export to a DVD (if you have the burner) or a video file (for web or computer playing)

    thats about it
    if you asked your question with more detail (ie what format your home movies are in, what you have in terms of a computer and its hardware/software) im sure someone could do a better job helping you out.

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