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    Do you need to turn off your modem when capturing, editing, or making movie. Any other set up tips..Thanks
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    You should free up your system as much as possible during capture and rendering.
    Also, please limit your question to one forum only.

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    why exactly would you want to turn off your cable modem, if you have no internet activity going on, then nothing will go through. A NIC in a computer uses little to no resources. your modem is just a converter for the analog to digital signal for your computer, and it just runs cat45 to your computer. i really do not believe it will make a difference, press ctrl alt del (if you are in xp) and look at your performance tab, and then unplug your modem and see if their is a difference.
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    Whenever I capture/edit i disable all non essential services to optimize performance. It does make a diffrence. You could set up profiles on your system to do this.

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