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Thread: how to re-edit a DVD?

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    Default how to re-edit a DVD?

    I have made a DVD using Studio 9. The VOB files exist on both my hard disk and on a DVD. The AVI files have been erased.

    The menu shows multiple scenes; I can play from the beginning or jump to each scene from the menu.

    My problem: I want to extract exactly one of the scenes to put on another DVD as a single scene. Is there any way to do so without finding the original videotape and transferring the scene from my camcorder to the computer?

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    you could try using the re-author tools in DVD shrink, you will lose all menu functions though.

    This might be a bit long-winded and more trouble than it's worth, also there's probably a much easier way to do it but I'm pretty sure this will work if you're desperate:

    • copy the original DVD files to your hard disc (edit: just re-read your post, obviously just use the ones on your HD, might want to back them up first though)

    • navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder and re-name the .VOB files so they have the extension .MPG

    • watch the re-named .MPG files back and locate the chapter you want to extract.

    • import the relevant .MPG files into your editing App (I'm almost certain studio 9 will accept them) and trim/combine them so you've got the bit you want only.

    • export as a DVD chapter as normal

    I have done this before with different software, I don't know how it'll work out for you, it probably won't be as good as the original DVD and there's probably a much much simpler and better way of doing it, but that might do the job for now.
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    Thank you. I didn't know that vob and mpg were the same format. I tried it and it works. Valuable information.

    BTW, I have DVDshrink but AFAIK it can't do what I want. Trying to edit "Full Disk" with DVDshink produces an error to the effect that the format is non-standard. Trying to edit using "Reauthor" shows that there are only two files existing on the DVD: a menu and one file of about 4.2 GB, i.e., the entire video. I can't find how to cut out a scene from a single file with DVDshrink.

    On the DVD itself, each VOB has a size of 921,xxx KB except the first two and the last one, totalling 7 VOB files.

    Another video-making program that I have, Sonic MyDVD, permits all DVDs made with that program editable later. Studio 9 does not, and this is the one that I made the DVD with. Thanks for the info about how to re-edit in Studio.

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    no problem, I thought DVD shrink might not be able to do it, glad you could work it out in Studio in the end though.

    VOB's aren't really MPG's, they have extra DVD style information (I suppose it includes sub's, different audio tracks etc.) but it's very usefull that you can re-name them and fiddle with them like they were MPG's sometimes.

    Glad I could help.
    Panasonic SD9, Panasonic NVGS-75, Canon MV600i

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