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Thread: movie is in fast forward

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    Default movie is in fast forward

    I finally got my 1st VHS tape copied over to a DVD but when I played it, it appears to be in Fast Forward but the audio is at the normal speed, any suggestions what I may have done wrong?Any help would be appriciated

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    Well, with the amount of details you've given that best that I canoffer is that, indeed yes, you got it wrong!

    Maybe if you tell us exactly how you performed the transfer, whcih s/w you used and which settings you chose then one of us here might be offer some insight.

    but, respectfully, all you've really told us is that you tried it and it didn't work properly.

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    I am using the dazzle 90 with the studio 9 software. I have the 2.0 USB and am using the RCA plugs to connect the VCR to the dazzle.any help would be great as I have not try to transfer anything else yet.

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