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    I found this on the web and I was wondering if anyone here could help me translate it into plain, everyday english or atleast convert it into a beter tutorial that someone with some knowledge could use, I am not computer illiterate, I have edited a few movies in my time, but this is just a little to un explanitory for me

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    I would argue that it already is in plain English but just doesn't actually bother to explain anything at all. Statements like "convert dark areas to character ." are understandable but you really need to be told how to actually do it don't you.

    The entire 'tutorial' amounts to nothing more than the statement "do it in After Effects". There's no more subtsance than that!

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    I guess that I didn't state that right, not so much plain english but more could some one elaborate it into something I could actualy use.

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    its really hard to learn from tutorials .. but if you just try to follow those , you'll get what it wants you to do ... images also get you to the way ..but if it doesnt have that , then its a sad thing and hard to learn ...

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