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    I知 about to get an external hard drive to store and transfer video files. I知 looking at the Maxtor 7200 drives. Does anyone have one of these? Are you happy with it? Is there another drive you would recommend over this one?



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    Can't remember which post offhand but I recall someone hinting that Adobe do not recommend external hard drives for Premiere.

    If you're an Adobe user I'd investigate this a little more before handing over the wonga!

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    I too have read many problems with various external drives, dropping frames etc but if you are using it for storage and transfering to another computer that might not be an issue.
    If you buy it from a shop, assuming you are in GB, get the sales person to agree its just what you need for your requirements, preferably in front of friend. If it turns out to be useless, bring it back! (not fit for its purpose)
    Good luck

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    I dont use an external drive at the mo but I'm looking at getting one to make transporting video from PC to PC easy. I've seen the maxtor one touch but from what I've read these are better as they are designed with editing in mind.
    80Gb Maxtor Firewire 3000DV 1394 External Hard Drive 7200rpm there about 」90 from
    The reports seem good, with no dropped frames etc.


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    Default dropped frames

    Hi I just got a Maxtor One Touch 160Gb drive. I am using it for video editing with a laptop. Normally if i capture to the internal hard drive i have no problems but when I use the external drive I do get a few dropped frames. As the laptop has only one firewire port I have to plug my dv camera into the maxtor which then goes to the computer. I am no techie but I assume the problem is one of shared bandwidth.
    My question is that if I get a seperate firewire card to plug into the expansion slot will i have the same problems? can anyone help me???

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    Maxtor do a drive called a 3000DV which is optimised for video editing and should perform better than the one touch model. I've read good reviews about it.


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    Thanks for the input everyone,

    I ran into a situation where I had to get an external hard drive asap. I found a 160 GB One Touch at Cosco for 190.00 so I purchased it. I知 not going to capture to it, it痴 just to store captured video and transfer between computers. I usually backup my DV AVI files to a DVD, so if the One Touch turns out to be a horrible option I always have a backup.

    Thanks again,


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