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    my 8mm camcorder has just looking for a digital one and was thinking of the sony 355 as it is backwards compatible with my 8mm tapes meaning i can save to hard drive and edit.any body got any advice on this camcorder or am i better getting a mini dv and getting the tapes converted.

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    I was a Hi8 user until 18 months ago when I bought a Sony 730 Digital8 for the same reasons you mention. I am pleased with the product.

    Presumably the 355 (which I looked at the other day when thinking about a second camera, though i decided on the 245 for my needs as I do not need the funtions of the 355 as long as my 730 is working) is a succesor to the 730 as its spec seems similar. Forget the digital zoom, it is not much more than a gimmic. The optical zoom is important which is 20x for the 355.

    I would stick with the Digital 8 format and ensure that the camera you buy can play analogue tapes. Also ensure you have analogue in/out and DV in/out so that you can use the camera as a gateway to get finished movies off your PC and out to VHS without the hassle of recording onto DV tape and then playing back to VHS. The gateway works the other way around as well if you want to record from a VCR onto PC using the camera's anaogue in and DV out.

    Hope this helps

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