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    Default 5.1 sound query

    I have Premiere 6.5 which doesn't do 5.1 sound but as a musician aswell (show off!) I have Steinberg Cubase SX which does. Is there a way of linking this up when it comes to burning the DVD and also what software would you recommend for burning DVD with 5.1. I presently use Pinnacle for burning. Any advice would be good. Cheers folks.

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    Adobe Encore will allow you to place your 5.1 soundtrack on a DVD.

    This from the Adobe Encore FAQ...

    "Does Adobe Encore DVD support Dolby® Digital 5.1?
    Yes, Adobe Encore DVD allows you to create DVDs containing Dolby Digital 5.1 content. However, the integrated
    conversion is limited to 2-channel stereo. Dolby Digital 5.1 content must be created in another application."

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for that

    It looks like £400 odd to Mr Adobe. If you know of any cheapo methods let me know - thanks again.

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