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Thread: Need editing help for a speciic effect !!!

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    Default Need editing help for a speciic effect !!!

    Hello, everybody, this is my first post here. I am pretty good with Adobe Premiere 1.5. But I got stuck with one effect I want to make. I heard about this forum and here I am. I hope this forum is everything I heard it is.

    Here is my problem. I need to make an introduction for every city I visited during my European vacation. I want it to look cool and professional. Here is the Idea that i have and I need your help in realizing it. Let's take London as an example.

    London specific music is playing
    1. European map with country boudaries, no text.
    2. Gradually make England green
    3. Zoom in on England and nearest neighbors
    4. Gradually country names appear
    5. Gradually names disappear
    6. a) Bring out England within it's borders only OR b) closer zoom on England
    7. Gradually London appears with it's main symbolical attraction (Big Ben)
    8. Then Pictures come out from the back and disolve while other show up.
    9. A nice finish with a title.

    My major concern is 3. and 6 (both).

    I think I know how to do everything else. But any suggestions, recomendations and technical explanation and help is very appreciated.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    in regards to 3 and 6, can you not use the key frame thing, and move the picture forwards/zoom in, when you select a key frame to manipulate? I got shown how to do it on premier 6.0 about 5 years ago, and FCP very recently.

    hope this helps?

    someone who knows the software more than I do will be able to go through it step by step more than me.

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    Thank for the quick response.
    You helped to go in the right direction. I have experimented and I think I can do the zoom I want with more experiments.

    If someone would give me more specific instructions, it would save me some time. Thanks in advance.

    Also I still have an unresolved question 6. a)
    The europe map is on the screen. England within it's borders gradually moves forward without moving other countries.
    I think I need an image with ENgland and Everythink else Transparent, How can I do this?
    Thank you for your help.

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    Looks like you're most of the way there.

    I would take your image of the complete map and open it in a picture editor like Photoshop and extract the bit you need into a new layer. Add any text you need as another layer.

    I.e have a series of images as follows.

    Entire map.
    England only
    the words

    Take this series of pictures and import into your NLE of choice and animate/composite however you want.

    Anything more than that and I'll be doing the work for you.

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    You could always screen capture google earth:

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    The google earth idea works great. A friend of mine has done this recently and it was very effective.

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    Thank you for your help. I didn't know that separate layers could be imported from Photoshop, I will try that.

    And I will explore Google Earth, it seems interesting.

    Thank you.

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    One more question on the same porject.

    When a map is imported into Premiere. Boundaries become jittery.
    Is this gonna disappear on TV, or I have to do some kind of deinterlacing.

    Also I know that it is best to rescale the image in Phottoshop then allowing Premiere to rescale to a smaller size. For my effect I have to bring in a large image so that I could zoom in on it. So I have to depend on Premiere rescale. (In that case what can I do for the boundaries to appear with more quality)

    Thanks again!

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