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Thread: video i did for my highschool

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    Default video i did for my highschool

    this is a hockey video i filmed and edited for my highschool i went to last year championship hockey game... this is the first time i ever worked wit sport videos so im not sure if its good please leave feedback thanks!!!

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    for what its worth, I liked it

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    I liked it.

    Typically you wanna go with that highlight reel effect in sports but I would always say to go with what you like. It can tell a story in so many ways.

    The music was an interesting choice. It may have taken away from the feel if it wasn't for the great play and action shots.

    You could take your raw footage and definately play with it to build the intensity.

    Nice work.
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    Default re-edited

    I fix up a few things... added quicker shots... tell me what u think about the newer one thanks!!!!


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