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    I've got two copies of a film one a 1,645,283 ko mpg (74mn) the other a miniDV (in PAL) will there be a big difference in quality between the two? I'm going to do it with adobe. And this might sound ignorant but mpg's don't have that region 1 region 2 stuff do they? So would a mpg put on a DVD have it? I want to put subtitles on it so I'm going to put it on the computer do the subtitles put the result on a DVD and then ship it to the US I'd put it on miniDV but then it'd have to be converted to NTSC as well.

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    I'm new to dvd creation, but I think that you make a file from a video file, and that is called the dvd image, which is then put on the dvd. It's different than something like a cd where you can just throw stuff on it and it works. As to the quality issue, I think it depends on what you're uploading the dv with. If you can get the dv tape into mpeg2 or avi, those are usually higher quality in my very limited experiance.

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    DV-Avi is much better quality than a mpeg-2 which is the format on a standard DVD. DV is also better to edit with. If you can, use the DV to bring into Adobe for editing.
    The region issues you talk about are only on the final DVD and are not part of actual video itself.

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    Worth pointing out here that Premiere (assuming that's your editing app of choice) cannot natively edit MPEG files. You can get plug-ins I believe, although these are not cheap. You would want to convert this MPEG to an AVI first, and then take into Premiere to edit. VirtualDub is a good app for this. I would recommend you capture the DV tape though, and work with that. Then convert it to MPEG.

    You don't say what DVD app you are using, but you say Adobe, so I'll assume you are using Encore. Encore only works with MPEG video files, not AVI.

    If you want NTSC that may throw up more issues. Assuming the video has been recorded in PAL format, it will be at 25 FPS. NTSC, as you're probably aware, is 29.97 FPS. A PAL DVD will not work in the US, so you'll have to make sure your MPEG file is 29.97 FPS and the correct resolution - 720x480. The difference in frame rate may cause problems with your sound being out of sync if this is not done correctly. If you're working with Encore, you can set up either a PAL or NTSC project, and if you set up an NTSC project, it will only let you import MPEG files which are of the correct format anyway.

    I would throughly recommend you check out this site;
    Lots of very useful tutorials and a helpful forum here that deal with more technical issues that it looks like you will encounter.

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    I've got it on miniDV PAL and on a mpg. DVD's are always ntsc or PAL? I made some DVDs with a DVD burner and they played both in Europe and the US.

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    A DVD will always be either NTSC or PAL. There is no inbetween. A region code is something quite different, and does not relate to the video itself.

    If you made a DVD that played on a European DVD player in Europe, and also on a US DVD player in the US, then that DVD must have been NTSC. PAL DVD's won't play over there. Their TV's can't decode the signal properly. NTSC DVD's will play all over, although some older TV's can have problems and the picture may appear black and white. This is pretty rare these days though.

    This is not an issue for PC based DVD players when being viewed on a monitor though. They will play anything (although you may need certain software - e.g to get around region codes). It's only for standalone players hooked up to a TV that PAL/NTSC is an issue.

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