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    Default handwritting effect

    Can anyone tell me the best way to have titles that write onto the screen. I am using PP 7 and AE Pro 6.5

    I am doing my first wedding soon and would like the tiles to write onto the screen as is the standard i think for this genre
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    The only way I know of doing this is lots and lots of work.

    You basically have to create a 'path' (or series of paths) that represent your handwriting as it is drawn and then reveal it alonbg the path over time.

    I have seen a tutorial on this somewhere. Might have been at the Creative Cow.

    Oh, and it will be an AE task not PPro.

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    my prempro came with it, its a sony effect, and its called "handwriting" (lol) its pretty cool, but i dont know if i like it or not (cant write with the damn mouse very well)
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    Default handwriting tutorial

    There is a tutorial but is for PREMIERE 6.5 it really doesn't work for PPRO 7 because there is a bug on PPRO 7 regarding the GRADIENT WIPE transition but you could still try it if you can get ppro 6.5 here is the link there are other great tutorials like writing with lightning.

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    This site is really good if it has the specific effect you want to create in AE, and it does have a handwriting effect tutorial:

    It uses AE Pro 5.5 and Illustrator, which might be a problem , and the English instructions on the site are translated (not perfectly) from Japanese, but if you follow them right these tutorials can produce really impressive results.
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    Edbrooklyn - the bug you mention is in the gradient transition in Premiere Pro v1.0 (sometimes referred to as Premiere 7) but the bug is fixed on upgrading to v1.5 (and presumably in v2 although I can't vouch for v2)

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