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Thread: My first video

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    Default My first video

    Here is my first video. It is of a local bands journey to france from germany ect.

    Hope you like

    Comments welcome

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    I couldn't get it to play. Don't know what the problem was

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    Me, neither. IE crashes as soon as the Pufile page appears. (?)

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    you'll be needing Quicktime then

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    the way u get it to work is click properties after right clicking the player, then copy the url of the vid, then open windows media player, click file-->open url-->paste the url and it plays...

    nice vid man, love it, u did a great job with what u had. Very nice.
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    Default Thanks

    I don't know why you are having problems with seeing it. Thanks for the solution and thanks for your comments
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    it played for me a absolutely fine, no problems

    good effort by the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tone33
    Me, neither. IE crashes as soon as the Pufile page appears. (?)
    Crashes Firefox too.

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    I liked it guys. Kind of yanks eat europe. Defintely gave a feel of what you were up to.

    What I didnt like was all the shaky camera work. Probably a personal thing to an extent. Shaky camera stuff can make a vid seem more 'real' and fly on the wall but too much can be nasty to watch.

    Also speeding up handheld stuff makes this worse and there was a touch too much cmaera shake for me.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for your comments.

    I here what your saying and looking back at the footage the speeding up bit gets on my nerves now too.

    Also not to make up excuses but here goes, the footage was given to me by the singer of which he did most of the shooting. And he didn't have a pot of glue about anything to do with the camera. It took me half an hour to explain tape loading and turning it on and off.

    I have a few other videos that will be posted once i know how to compress them down to the required 25mb.
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