Playing my sony TRV-900 DV cam via firewire into an ASUS P4S8X momma board. Doesn't matter whether using premiere 6.5 or Vegas, just playing the camera into the software -- not even capturing -- the video looks fine and the audio is dropping out. I've got an NVidia dual-analog 440 AGP card, have 80G and 120G internal IDE drives plus a 120G external firewire drive. Doesn't seem to matter which drive I go to and again, the problem occurs when simply playing the camera into the computer. I am using the onboard audio device just for monitoring. I've used Adobe Audition (the former Cool Edit Pro) with no problems.

The audio output of the camera is fine. I did record in LP mode... Had done some other transfers three months ago and noticed a glitch or two but now it is making me nutz. I want this to be a fixable computer problem, but I have a feeling it's the tape and that the camera is better at recovering the audio than the computer -- although that seems a bit of a stretch.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I am quite technically capable otherwise.

Thanks in advance,