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Thread: Dumb question - VideoStudio8 - not capturing date and time

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    Default Dumb question - VideoStudio8 - not capturing date and time

    Hi all - I'm simply trying to capture and burn whole rake of MiniDV tapes to DVD for a friend. I'm not editing in anyway, just setting up some menus / chapters and burning as one hit.

    In the past I'm sure VS8 captured the time and date information that shows on the camcorders LCD? I've recently changed to a Sony HandyCam, I know VS8 is reading the time and date data as it shows it in the info pane during the capture process. Anyone know how to output in onto the final project?


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    You are quite right, Videostudio does capture the date and time stamp but doesn't offer any functionality to superimpose this on your final video.

    You will need a third party software utility to do this. You could always try this

    Good luck

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    Thanks for the sanity check purejammy! Thought I was missing something there................

    As well as the vDTS software that you provided a link to, I've also found this and it's free:

    Go to DVDate v6.0.1

    I'll give it a whirl when I get home tonight


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