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Thread: Frames per second - audio conundrum!

  1. Default Frames per second - audio conundrum!

    Not a software probem per se, but I wasn't sure where else to post this.

    I'm a bit confused on this one. Been thinking about it too long, and now my brain is muddled.

    If you have an audio sequence that runs from the timecode reference >, then that sequence is 2 minutes and 11 seconds, minus 3 frames.

    So, what is the EXACT length of this audio section? By my calculations, as there are 25 frames per second (this is video, not film), those 3 frames equate to 0.12 seconds. Is that right?

    So the exact length of this clip is 2 mins 10.88 seconds. Is that right, or am I all wrong here?

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    Assuming it is indeed 25fps on your captured clip and your maths is correct then that is the length of the audio. That's how I would calculate it.

    But why is this an issue? What underlying issue or problem are you facing that has prompted this question?

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    It's purely for a music cue sheet we are having to submit for a film which requests exact length of music clips used. It's standard practice.

    I have subsequently discovered the need to keep getting out the calculator was unnecessary though. It is in fact standard practice to just give the whole min/sec value, and then the frames over that that comprise less than a second. So my example before would be written 2 mins 10 secs 22 frames.

    So if anyone ever has this problem, that's what you do!

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