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Thread: Connecting Sony DV cam to MSN Messenger

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    Default Connecting Sony DV cam to MSN Messenger

    When i connect my Sony DC-TRV-17 to my computer using Firewire it connects fine, and MSN is able to run audio/video tuning wizard, yet when i go to WEB CAMERA SETTINGS to choose the camera and to begin using it, it tells me another program is using my camera and therefore i cannot edit its' other program using my camera is running tho, Please Advise

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    Looks like MSN thinks the computer is already in use. Do you have the Firewire and USB cables conneted to your PC at the same time? If so try disconnecting the Firewire cable and start again.

    Remember to have you TRV17 in USB mode. Incidentally with this camersa you adjust the settings on the camera rather than using MSN.

    Hope that helps.

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