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Thread: What if my camera doesn't have a DV output for the firewire?

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    Default What if my camera doesn't have a DV output for the firewire?

    My camera doesn't have the DV output and I was wondering if there is anyway I can still edit? If not, I will sell my camera and upgrade! I need suggestions on a DV camcorder that is under 500 dollars because I know they are out there! As of right now, I have a GR-SXM740 JVC camcorder. Can anyone reccomend me a camera, preferably JVC, but will get others if the prices are in my range. Some body please lead me to the perfect camera for me WITH a DV output!
    thanks everyone

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    I have a jcv gr 25 or something like that! It is fine for what I need.
    Think about what you need first. My cam is small but that does mean I get shakey pics sometimes, for example. Your priorities may be different.
    Have a think, narrow down the requirements and go from there!
    Have a good weekend.

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    You might want to look into a Sony TVR-460. It works with cheaper tapes, can read older Hi8 tapes (you never know), but it also can act as a D/A converter. Oterwise said, you can connect the 460 in between your old camera and the pc and get your old tapes digitally into the computer to edit or burn to DVD or VCD.

    And the specs of the 460 aren't bad for being in the less than 500$ range, and the touch screen LCD is outstanding.

    Also, avoid the Canon DV types, seems that they all have problems eating tapes for the moment
    Have a nice day

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    If it doesn't have the digital output you need, but something like a Dazzle fusion which converts analogue video from an A/V socket to a digital one

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    I have a cannon zr 25 and I haven't had any problems with it. no tapes have been eaten!

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